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Understanding your Pest Problems

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Understanding your Pest Problems

Regardless of where you live, there’s a good chance that your particular region suffers from its own type of pest problem. While some areas have more difficulty with certain types of pests than others, the fact still remains that when it comes to pests we each have our own cross to bear. Having a professional exterminator come to your home or residence at least twice a year can go a long way toward helping control your pest problem, no matter what it might happen to be. There are also some other tips you can follow to help keep the situation under control.

The first step is understanding which types of pests your geographic area is most prone toward.

In the Northeast, you are likely going to be more prone to have problems with pillbugs and mold. Mold and mildew develops as a result of excess moisture. To a degree this can be controlled by insuring there is as little moisture as possible. Consider installing foundation vents as well as a sump pump if you have problems with poor drainage or even standing water. Excavating the crawlspace can also create more ventilated space to help as well.

Excess moisture can also lead to problems with pests such as fungus beetles and silverfish. This can be a particular problem if you have wood shakes because they tend to hold moisture in the cracks.

Pillbugs, also known as roly poly bugs are also a result of excess moisture, particularly around mulching. To help keep this problem under control make sure your mulching is no more than two inches thick in plan beds and space one food away from the foundation of your home.

In the southeast, pest problems tend to take the form of fleas, fire ants and black widow spiders. Spiders are best removed with a vacuum. This allows you to capture not only the spider but any egg sacs as well. Remember to always throw away the vacuum bag only after it has been placed inside a sealed plastic bag. Take a look around your home as well to spot any holes or cracks that could allow spiders entry to the inside of your home. Sealing these holes and cracks can help control your spider problem. Furthermore, be aware that heavy vegetation, such as ivy, growing alongside a house can lead to further spider problems.

Flea infestations can be a bothersome problem. Remember that flea larvae tends to live in carpets and concrete. To help eliminate the problem vacuum your carpeted areas frequently and then follow up with a product designed to control fleas in indoor carpeted areas. You can use the same type of product on carpeted areas.

Routinely look around your property to look for fire ant mounds and treat them immediately. You can use a liquid insecticide for this purpose.

In the southwest the biggest problems are scorpions and crickets. Remember that crickets are largely attracted by bright lights. Problems with crickets can further develop when they crawl through cracks to enter buildings. To keep this problem under control seal cracks and change your outdoor lighting to yellow lights that are not as attractive to bugs.

Scorpions are attracted to areas outside where they can seek shelter. Landscaped edging, stacked timbers and other such areas make the perfect home for scorpions. Heavy ground cover can also contribute to the presence of scorpions. Eliminating and reducing these areas can help to reduce the problem.

As always, if these measures do not work, call a professional exterminator to handle the issue. Utilizing the services of a professional exterminator twice per year regardless can help to keep bothersome pests at a minimum.